Happy New Year!

At school we have been looking at New Year’s resolutions.

Can you remember what a resolution is and why many people make them?

What types of resolutions can you think of? (for self, others…?)

What is your own New Year resolution?

Do you think it will be easy to keep it?

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The End of the Tudors!

Sadly, we have reached the end of our Tudor studies.

Unfortunately, my photos of the assembly were all too blurry to use. 🙁

Despite this, what was your favourite fact or piece of information that you discovered during our study?

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We are Game Designers

We are just beginning to explore different ways that we can use coding. We are going to use Scratch to make up and program our own times tables games.

Have a look at some of these to see what you think of some existing ones.


Leave a comment to let me know which ones you thought were good or how you thought some of them could be improved.

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Apostrophes for Possession

Apostrophes for Possession
We have been looking at using apostrophes to show possession.

For example, the football that belongs to Harpo is Harpo’s football.

If I said that Sehr’s handwriting is excellent, I would use the apostrophe before adding an s.

TAKE CARE! Do not start using apostrophes whenever a word ends in s because often these are just either plurals (when there is more than one item) or present tense verbs.
– The dogs are very friendly – No apostrophe is needed here.
– My cat is so awesome he gets treats all the time – No apostrophe here either.

Blog below to show me that you can use apostrophes. I will award 1 team point for every correct example you give, up to 5 points each.

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Bramhall Too

Bramhall Hall (too) on PhotoPeach

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Our Visit to Bramhall Hall

At last, here are our pictures from Bramhalll Hall.

We had a fabulous day!  Write about your favourite part here.

Bramhall Hall (one) on PhotoPeach

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Descriptive language from Bramhall Hall

I have been trying to make a slideshow of our Bramhall Hall visit, but there is a problem with the website I use.

While waiting for that, why don’t we rehearse some of the descriptive language techniques we use to make our writing interesting?   I thought we could do it by imagining we are back in Bramhall Hall.

Here’s mine.

Holding on to the thick, red rope, I carefully climbed the creaky, wooden staircase to the dancing room upstairs.  Once in the room, I enjoyed listening to our friendly guide teach us how to do a simple, Tudor dance.  All around, the walls were covered in precious, old paintings that the Davenport family must have enjoyed a lot.  Imagine having your own dance floor!  That would be a wonderful thing to share with friends at a party.

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A New Year!

Hi everyone!

Now we have started the new school year, it’d be great to learn a little about you.  I got the idea for this from Mrs. Kinch, who has asked her class to tell her two facts about themselves.  However, you must also include a fib for me to try to spot.

Here are mine:

  1.  My first home was in a chip shop.
  2.  I have a ginger cat with half a tale, called Bugsy.
  3.  An anagram of my name is, ‘Grr, I’m a nuisance.’

Can you guess which one is a fib?

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